mansory.tv created FAQ to answer some of the common questions asked by most new customers.


QUESTION: Why are mansory.tv cars so cheap?


ANSWER: mansory.tv prices are very competitive for two main reasons parts and labor costs are considerably lower because the parts of the cars are purchased at manufacturer cost. mansory.tv purchase parts at manufacturers prices not wholesale prices. There is a big difference buying direct from the manufacturer in bulk than buying in small quantity parts from a dealership. mansory.tv does also have agreements with the companies such as Brembo and car manufacturers to purchase parts at cost value only. mansory.tv does have support from the major companies to promote their products through sponsorship.





Access through the NAFTA agreement has given mansory.tv tax advantages that allow us to purchase car parts at very low cost.



GM, Chrysler and Ford have most of their assembly plants in Mexico and they also all use the NAFTA agreement to produce low cost cars. The Dealerships sell with a very high up market retail price to pay for their overheads and sales commissions. Using the NAFTA agreement we avoid all those extra costs by cutting out the middle man agencies and going direct.



These NAFTA agreements are binding fixed agreements for 15 years and give us the advantage to produce cars at low costs. In the carbonfibre mixed with kevlar industry mansory.tv competition are mostly Americans and Europeans. mansory.tv is based in Third world countries like Mexico. Location makes a big difference in the costs of building carbonfibre mixed with kevlar cars. Our overheads are down and our labor rates are low. This is the main reason why we have the advantage over our competitors and why we can sell our products for far less than the prices in the UK and USA. A typical American carbonfibre mixed with kevlar worker can earn anywhere between US$10.00 to US$20.00 an hour according to the level of trade skills.



A typical English carbonfibre mixed with kevlar worker can earn anywhere between 5.00 pounds to 15.00 pounds an hour and these rates are also according to the level of trade experience. Two US dollars equals the amount of one English pound. In Mexico a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar worker can earn anywhere between US$6.00 a day to US$12.00 a day.



Compare this daily rate to the English carbonfibre mixed with kevlar worker daily rate of 120.00pounds converted to US$240.00 a day. This is why rival cars built in America or the UK is much more expensive. Compare for instance a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival of the Porsche Carrera GT 2007 built in the United States, it will cost anywhere between US$50,000.00 to US$70,000.00. Or a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival of the Ferrari 360 Modena built in the UK, it will cost anywhere between 20,000.00pounds to 30,000.00pounds (US dollar conversion) US$40,000.00 to US$60,000.00. Now compare the prices of the same rivals Porsche Carrera GT and the Ferrari 360 Modena built in Mexico, it will cost for each car only US$20,000.00.




Look at the bottom line savings here for the same model rival cars each car built in Mexico will make an incredible saving of US$40,000.00. This amount of US$40,000.00 is the clients guaranteed profit margin after purchasing the rival from mansory.tv for only US$20,000.00.


QUESTION: How long does it take to build a mansory.tv car?


ANSWER:mansory.tv guarantees the new mansory.tv car will be completed and prepared for delivery 6 weeks after the deposit is paid. This guarantee is only valid if the Client has chosen a product from our mansory.tv Catalogue with the standard specifications. To see the mansory.tv Catalogue please visit mansory.tv If the Client has chosen to use any other engine parts, chassis’s or donor cars not specified on the mansory.tv catalogue then the guarantee could be modified depending on the availability of the above mentioned items. The guarantee of mansory.tv is that after the order is made then mansory.tv will have the car built up to turn key stage ready with the interior and paint work completed.


QUESTION: What does turn key stage mean?

ANSWER: Turn Key Stage is a term used in the carbonfibre mixed with kevlar car industry meaning the car is ready to drive away on the road.

QUESTION: Does turn key stage mean the rival is street legal?


ANSWER: No. This phrase Turn Key means the car is driveable and ready to use only. To be street legal for the client’s nominated country, it must be agreed between the client and mansory.tv in the contract that the client wants mansory.tv to build the rival car to the specifications of their country and they want it to be made street legal for their roads in their country.


QUESTION: Is it an added cost to make the rival street legal?


ANSWER: If the rival car requires extensive structural engineering and extra car parts, special tires at extra cost to conform to the regulations of the prospective client’s country it may cost more than the price quoted on the mansory.tv catalogue.


QUESTION: What is the difference between a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival and an original car?


ANSWER: carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rivals are built on the same car chassis as an original car, but the outer shell (car body) is built with carbonfibre mixed with kevlar and not metal. For more information about carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rivals please go to mansory.tv link why carbonfibre mixed with kevlar.


QUESTION: Is a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival safe like a metal car?


ANSWER: Yes, a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival car built by mansory.tv is as safe as many metal cars. Our carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival cars are built to meet the road standards and requirements of each country’s Government regulations.


QUESTION: Will mansory.tv build the car for the European road standards?


ANSWER: mansory.tv takes exceptional care to make sure each rival is specially built to comply with the client’s Government regulations.


QUESTION: Will mansory.tv build the car for the European road standards?


ANSWER: mansory.tv takes exceptional care to make sure each rival is specially built to comply with the client’s Government regulations.


QUESTION: Can Europeans use mansory.tv cars on their roads?


ANSWER: mansory.tv is aware that each country requires different engineer specifications to conform to their elements, conditions and road laws.

This is why mansory.tv uses engineers to design rival cars according to each country’s specifications.


QUESTION: Can mansory.tv automobiles build right hand drive cars?


ANSWER: mansory.tv can build right hand, left hand and middle steering cars like the Mclaren F1.


QUESTION: Why use carbonfibre mixed with kevlar for the car body?


ANSWER: carbonfibre mixed with kevlar car bodies are built stronger and guaranteed rust free. The difference between a normal metal car off the assembly line and a customized carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival; (first) its personalized hands on craftsmanship (second) quality materials used (third) excellent investment potential because rivals increase in value, they don’t loose their value like the common metal cars.

QUESTION: When are payments made?


ANSWER:In the mansory.tv policy it specifies several payments are made throughout the construction of the rival. Each payment is sent when a stage is completed.


QUESTION: What is a stage?


ANSWER: The phrase Stage is a term used with the development of the building process of the rival car.


QUESTION: How many Stages are there in the development of the construction of the rival car?


ANSWER: There are eight stages for the donor car rival. Deposit stage Donor car purchase stage Chassis modification stage carbonfibre mixed with kevlar kit car body assembled on the chassis stage Auto paint color sprayed and finished stage Installation of lights stage Interior Stage Turn key Stage.


QUESTION: How much are the installments for each stage?


ANSWER: The amount of money for each installment depends on how much the project will cost to build. When the Client and mansory.tv has entered into an agreement stipulating what the Client wants to build and what specifications the Client wants the rival to be built to and is signed in the contract, then mansory.tv will build the car by stages. Each stage requires a part payment until the completion of the car. No payment is made until the Client is satisfied that the specified stage written in the contract has been completed. If the project is worth US$20,000.00: The first stage payment for the deposit will cost US$3000.00. The second stage payment for the donor car purchase will cost US$4500.00. The third stage payment for the Chassis modification stage will cost US$2500.00 The fourth stage payment for the carbonfibre mixed with kevlar kit car body assembled on the chassis stage will cost US$2500.00 The fifth stage payment for the Auto paint color sprayed and finished stage will cost US$2500.00 The sixth stage payment for the Installation of lights stage will cost $1500.00 The seventh stage payment for the Interior Stage will cost US$2500.00 The eighth stage payment for the Turn key Stage will cost US$1000.00


QUESTION: What type of chassis’s does mansory.tv use?


ANSWER: mansory.tv automobiles can use a donor car or a tube chassis.


QUESTION: What are the differences between the donor car chassis and a tube chassis?


ANSWER: A tube chassis is custom built using the exact measurements from the original car. The tube chassis is an identical clone of the original, because we can build the rival without any limitations. The donor cars are slightly different in the dimensions to the original car specifications. Those differences could be the positioning of the wheel axles and the width could vary partially. Also the cockpit of the donor car maybe a different size. These discrepancies are not really noticeable.


QUESTION: What cars does mansory.tv use for their donor chassis’s?


ANSWER: For mid-engine super cars the recommended donor cars are the MR2 Toyotas, the Pontiac Fieros, VW’s, original Ferraris and Porsches. For front engine cars the donor cars is the client’s choice as long as the dimensions line up with the kit. If not the car can be modified the chassis stretched and strengthened to hold a larger engine.


QUESTION: How close to the original specifications of the body design can you build the rival to?


ANSWER: On a tube chassis the rival will be identical the interior will also be identical however the engine and transmission will be what the client chooses and can afford to install. The donor car will look identical as well with the identical interior and body paint color.


QUESTION: Can I visit periodically as to see the progression of the building of the rival car?


ANSWER: Yes the client is encouraged to come and visit as much as he or she wants. The Client reserves the right to see any stage of completion agreed upon in the contract, by visiting the workshop or by seeing a video or photos of the development of the car via internet or mansory.tv can make special arrangements with the Client to send the video or photos via 24 hour express mail to the Client’s residence. The video can be made in VHS or in DVD and will be recorded in the compatible version to adapt to the equipment used in the Client’s country. The Client is obligated to pay for each video and delivery expenses of those videos. The price for each video and for each delivery of the video or photos is US$45.00. mansory.tv will not at anytime require a part payment of a stage specified in the contract until the Client has seen the stage either via internet or by visiting the workshop.


QUESTION: Why doesn’t the general car market use carbonfibre mixed with kevlar for their car bodies? and also if it is so cheap to build cars in Latin America why don’t they build metal cars in Mexico?


ANSWER: There are large car manufacturers in the United States that do use carbonfibre mixed with kevlar for their car bodies such as the American Corvette. Big US car companies like GM, Chrysler, and Ford also took advantage of the NAFTA agreement and moved their assembly car plants done into Mexico because the labor is so cheap. The new Ford, Chrysler and GM cars would triple in price if they were built in the US, but with the low over heads and low labor costs it makes sense to move down south across the border and produce a cheaper product for the typical American car buyer.


QUESTION: Is buying a mansory.tv car a good investment?


ANSWER: Buying a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival of a rare super car like the Ferrari Enzo or Lambo Reventon is an excellent investment. The first reason why it is an excellent investment is because at the moment mansory.tv is the only carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival car business, building the rare super cars like the Ferrari Enzo Rival and Reventon Lambo. These rare super cars increase in value each year so the rival version naturally increases as well. Most metal assembly line cars depreciate 20 percent in value as soon as you drive them out of the dealership and then drop an extra 30 percent by the end of the year. New cars depreciate very rapidly, especially during the first couple of years. As soon as you drive a new car off a dealer lot it will instantly depreciate anywhere between the sum of $1,000 to $2,000! After the first three years most cars are worth only about 60-70 percent of their original value.


QUESTION: What is the profit margin and investment power of mansory.tv?


ANSWER: It is guaranteed that mansory.tv carbonfibre mixed with kevlar clone cars will not lose their value after they’re purchased from us. Instead the mansory.tv cars will increase in value immediately after the sale. As soon as you buy a carbonfibre mixed with kevlar mansory.tv car the value of the car increases by almost double at times in the first month. The high profit margin of mansory.tv cars is very attractive to investors. It is common to find in the carbonfibre mixed with kevlar rival industry, certain rivals that were built after rare sports cars sold at prices triple the amount more than the original price.


QUESTION: Why would investors see mansory.tv cars as a good investment?


ANSWER: The mansory.tv high profit margin is a phenomenon that has motivated many small investors to want to buy mansory.tv clones. mansory.tv price tags of US$20,000.00 are very low in comparison to the original luxury cars normally priced over the quarter of a million dollars mark. This is why the price of a mansory.tv increases in value quickly. The value of the mansory.tv cars also increases because they are clones of cars that are normally limited to the very elite and only a few hundred are made. Take the Ferrari for example: this car valued US$500,000.00 off the assembly line in 2003. Only 400 cars were built and after one year these super cars jumped to US$1,000,000.00. This car increased in value half a million dollars in only one year. Today the Ferrari Enzo Rival is valued anywhere between US$1,300,000.00 to US$1,700,000.00. Also the very rare Lambo Reventon Rival introduced in September 2007 is limited only to 20 cars and started with a price tag of over US$1,300,000.00 for each car. It is guaranteed that the mansory.tv Reventon will increase instantly after the sale. If you purchase a Reventon rival from mansory.tv for US$20,000.00 you are guaranteed it will increase in value instantly. It is also guaranteed that these types of rivals will sell as soon as you advertise them in the car market. Investing in any of our carbonfibre mixed with kevlar mansory.tv clones will only be a winning investment. We professionally guarantee buying a mansory.tv car is a secure investment.