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World Franchise

AMG Cars Custom kit cars World is expanding their investment opportunities to the geographic locations that hold the best potential for future franchises.

Currently AMG Cars Custom kit is targeting geographical locations within the regions of North & South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. AMG Cars Custom kit Franchises are for multiple locations and our business concept is transportable and capable of prospering in more than one market. AMG Cars Custom kit has a solid history of healthy bottom lines. It is a unique business capable of thriving in a variety of markets.

The AMG Cars Custom kit World is offering different market sector opportunities in this link.

AMG Cars Custom kit Franchises Dealerships, AMG Cars Custom kit Exotic Car Rentals Franchises AMG Cars Custom kit Spare Parts/ Mechanical Repairs and Services Franchise.
Ownership Qualifications

A franchise system is only as strong as its franchisees. A well run franchise reflects well on the entire system and a poorly run franchise affects the sales and reputation at not only that Dealership, but at all our franchises. AMG Cars Custom kit is looking for franchise owners who value the reputation that AMG Cars Custom kit has built for quality services and products. This does not mean that you have to be wealthy or have previous experience in running your own business. It means that you want to own a AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise Dealership and run it as well or better than any in the AMG Cars Custom kit chain. Profitability is the determining factor in the success of the AMG Cars Custom kit Franchises. AMG Cars Custom kit World offers a guaranteed return of a minimum rate of 40% annually on each investment. High annual returns are our record of profitability and with our new releases of exotic cars on our 2008 Catalogue, the profit margins and sales are ever increasing.
Do You Have What It Takes?

AMG Cars Custom kit does not have a minimum net worth requirement. However, if you are passionate about owning a AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise Dealership, you will need to make an application. Our philosophy is to grant franchises to those who have a strong desire to run a first-class exotic cars dealership business. AMG Cars Custom kit will, on a case-by-case basis, consider applications from those who do not meet our suggested capital investment criteria and who demonstrate a passion for owning and running a great dealership.

INVESTORS FAQ is AMG Cars Custom kit potential franchise investors frequently asked questions section.
Franchise Questions and Answers
How are the territories divided?

The territories are divided up by you giving us your required postcode area and by using the national census (demographics) we will give you an area of approximately 680K owners of residential cars.

Will I have to share my territory with anyone else?

Other companies may offer franchises and divide the areas between two owners. AMG Cars Custom kit believes this to be unfair and once a territory has been nominated to an individual, no one else is allowed to own another Franchise in that area what so ever.

My parents live in another franchisees area, can I sell their cars?

This is down to the discretion of the franchisee in that area, if they allow this to be done, then a form must be completed by both parties concerned and head office will counter sign it as well. It is important to remember that this only allows you to sell the specified replica cars on their dealership property, if the neighbor asks to buy a replica car from that site then this lead MUST be passed to the area franchisee

How much business is available in one post coded area?

AMG Cars Custom kit will give you a post coded area, with approximately 680K owners of cars in it, if you can gain just 5% of this market place, there will be sufficient business to sell cars turning over 200K plus per annum.

Can I have more than one of the franchise area?

Yes the ability to have more than one area is available subject to qualification and availability.

Can I own the three Franchises the AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise Dealership and the Exotic Car Rentals Franchise and the AMG Cars Custom kit Spare Parts/ Mechanical Repairs and Services Franchise?

Yes it is possible to own all three Franchises but again the potential franchisees applications must qualify by the Board of Directors.

Can a AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise Dealership or Exotic Car Rentals Franchise or the AMG Cars Custom kit Spare Parts/ Mechanical Repairs and Services Franchise be sold or transferred?

Yes, a franchise can be sold if the franchisee is in good standing in accordance with the franchise agreement. AMG Cars Custom kit does reserve the right of first refusal and must consent to the transfer of any franchise.

How long do the AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise Dealership or Exotic Car Rentals Franchise or the AMG Cars Custom kit Spare Parts/ Mechanical Repairs and Services Franchise term last?

The initial franchise term is for 5 (five) years. You may renew for an unlimited number of additional 5 year periods at the then-current franchise terms. You must be in good standing with us and have complied with all the terms of the franchise agreement.

Advertising, what will this cost me?

In the first year the advertising will be covered to the amount of US$10,000 from the franchise fee. In the second year 4% of gross sales must be shown to have been spent on rejuvenation of advertising, as your business expands this will lower to 2%.

Do I have any say in how my advertising budget is spent?

You have full control of your advertising budget, you can decide to spend in locally, or several franchisees can club together and do some regional advertising, or alternatively the franchise as a whole can work together and advertise nationally. The decision is yours!

Must I buy all spare parts and supplies from AMG Cars Custom kit head office?

Yes, we obviously need to keep as much fund circulating within the franchise as possible, the more the franchisees spend with us at head office the more buying power we will receive and in the long term the cheaper you will be able to purchase your required articles. This includes tires, rims, engines, upholstery, stereo equipment, fibreglass replacement parts, brakes, suspension, transmissions and all electrical components.

What if I find cheaper prices for certain parts locally?

If a Franchisee can prove that he or she purchased a product from the AMG Cars Custom kit inventory with a higher recommended price than what is sold at a local dealer's price, then the Franchisee will reimburse the difference of the price. We intend to beat all local supplies prices and if you find a price list of parts cheaper than the AMG Cars Custom kit recommended price list, we will investigate the local prices and if it is found the wholesale price is cheaper by our competitor then we will match it.

How can I be sure that you will do what you promise?

We have a franchise agreement that secures the both parties the franchisee and us the Franchisor. The agreement has in place several clauses which cover this subject. If we do not comply with our promises to you, you have the ability to take us to task over it. When it comes to us not fulfilling our promises to such a degree that it seriously affects your business, you have the ability to terminate.

Where do I do my training?

If you are based in Australia, Asia, America, Canada, Europe, you will be required to come to our head office and training centre in Mexico. You will be required to attend a national conference annually which will be held at a location to be decided at the time of going to press. Additional trainings at the franchisee's location are available.

When will I need to take on staff and where will I find the sales representatives and professional staff also the services area such as mechanics and are they readily available?

As an owner franchisee, you have the authority to employ and terminate employment. Training these new employees will be the responsibility of AMG Cars Custom kit . Part of the support structure in place at AMG Cars Custom kit is the ability to help you with this issue. We presently have several good sources when it comes to employing and training staff. At AMG Cars Custom kit we train all members of staff to the highest standards of sales and services.

Will I receive help after starting my business?

Yes, Advise and assistance is available for the life of the franchise. In addition you will receive the confidential AMG Cars Custom kit Operations manual, The AMG Cars Custom kit Marketing dept will constantly be on call for any ideas and issues that you come across and approximately eight weeks after you start trading, we will visit you in your area to look at how you have conducted your business and we will advise you of any improvements that may make your business run more smoothly. Within the first year there is also a further 3 half day audits where we look at different aspects of your business, again to make sure you are running at 100%.

What systems do you have in place for the franchisee's to keep in touch with each other as well as with you at head office in Mexico Distrito Federal?

Communication is paramount within the AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise. We currently have a conversation several times per day with all franchisees, whenever there is a customer enquiry or a lead to buy one of our replicas that have come in via the email of , we call the franchisee concerned in that area and update our diary's. Another method of communication is a quarterly newsletter, with news and articles from the franchisees themselves. All sales leads that come in through the are distributed to the nominated franchisee in the area of the customer and at no time do we favour one Franchisee over another, but all our franchisees receive their leads according to their designated areas. Also it is up to the Franchisee if he or she wants to give a lead to another Franchisee for convenience. We do not encourage the Franchisees to sell leads to others Franchisees, but if there is an agreement made within the two parties for a commission of sale that's strictly between them and not with any involvement of AMG Cars Custom kit .
Can I visit a franchise area to watch the operation before I sign?

No. With this franchise we need to keep our secrets close to our chest. We have nothing to hide, on the contrary we ask you to contact any or all of our franchisees and ask any questions you may have. In the past several interested parties have had meetings with our franchisees and all their questions have been answered.

What working capital do I need?

We advise that the first three months are your learning months and therefore while your customer base is starting to grow that you may require some financial input. The amount is dependent on your financial circumstances at that time.

I am interested. How do I get more information?

Contact and attention you email to the Franchise Department. Also on this link is an application form you will need to fill out to apply for a Franchise. The information you submit to is held in strict confidence and does not obligate either party. Following receipt of your registration, you will be furnished with any additional information to assist in the evaluation of your opportunity with AMG Cars Custom kit Franchise. After the application is approved you will receive a visit from one of our consultants and you will also be invited to go to a special presentation where you will find out about all the aspects of this business, including Marketing, Training Seminars, Sales, Rentals and our Product Range.

Are there several different levels of entry into the business?

Yes, there are three levels of entry. The first is at Owner / Director Level, this is where you manage the business hands on. Secondly there is the Investor Level where you may invest into the business and get members of staff to run the day to day operational business for you. Lastly there is the Master / Regional Level, this is where you are granted a licence in a targeted territory, granting you the rights for the whole of that territory. We would require that personsĀ“ know-how and the rights to make use of the package from us the Franchisor. You would either operate your own company under licence or would exploit the territory by means of the franchise system, and by granting sub-franchises within the territory to the operational franchisees. Like in the case of the Exotic Car Rentals Franchise or the AMG Cars Custom kit Spare Parts/ Mechanical Repairs and Services Franchise these can be sub-leased in other areas of your territory.

I want to go ahead, tell me about what is involved in the training?

The training is for 3 persons for seven days in at our training centre in Mexico Distrito Federal. The first three days are spent learning about the business side of our business, this will include Marketing, Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety and Book keeping. The remainder of the time is spent learning the methods of selling cars, parts, fiberglass accessories and such like, using the AMG Cars Custom kit Catalog and methodology.

Who pays for the training expenses?

The training expenses are included in the franchise package. This includes the accommodation, evening meals and travelling expenses. We currently have a list of good hotels and B&B's in the area; this will be sent once the training date has been agreed. To apply for any of the three AMG Cars Custom kit World Franchises please submit your application by going here.